Do Proform Treadmills Require iFit?


proform smart treadmillsThinking about buying a Proform treadmill?

If so, you’re probably curious about this iFit Coach thing.

You probably think it sounds cool (it is) and that it can help you get a more productive, enjoyable workout (it can).

But there’s a downside.

In their haste and excitement to bring iFit to market, Proform hasn’t done a great job on the messaging.

Over the years some Proform treadmills had iFit, some didn’t. Some models that didn’t come with iFit – now do.

Understandably, people are confused.

But there’s good news – keep reading this post to clear up the confusion about iFit on your Proform treadmill.

The first thing you should know that, as of this writing, all of the new Proform models do come with the option to have iFit Coach on them.

That leads to the next question that you might have:


Do Proform Treadmills Require iFit?


The simple answer? No, they don’t.

You do not need an iFit subscription to use your Proform Treadmill. It will work fine without iFit in manual mode.


Proform Treadmill with iFit


This means you’ll still see the workout stats on your console and be able to use the treadmill as normal: incline, decline, speed changes etc.

You just won’t get the streaming workouts, map features or world trails that you get with iFit Coach.



However – that brings up the next piece of good news.

While you don’t need iFit Coach to use your Proform treadmill – you can get a 1-year iFit membership included with some treadmills to see if you like it!

As of this writing, if you get a Proform treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here, you can get a 1 year-subscription to iFit Coach included with certain treadmills.

So you can try iFit on your treadmill to see if you like it for the full year. That’s a pretty great deal.


Proform Treadmill with iFit


You can run all over the world, take fitness classes from your treadmill, track your results and even get personalized workouts tailored to you with iFit.

Please note however that this can change at any time. I don’t work for Proform so I don’t know how long this deal will last.

But let’s say that you did get the 1-year iFit Subscription included.


proform 600 vs 800 treadmill comparison
iFit Coach on the Proform Performance 800


What happens if you find you don’t want iFit after the first year is up?

Simple – just log in to your iFit Coach online account and go into your profile. Then from there you’ll see an option to cancel your subscription.

Do this before your 1-year membership is up and you won’t be charged.



So you can cancel the iFit subscription at any time. You can also add it back on to your treadmill at any time as well (just go back into your online iFit account and re-instate the subscription).

Depending on the type of membership, you can have up to 4 different users on one iFit account – so it’s a great option for the whole family (you don’t need separate iFit Coach accounts for every person in the home).

Another cool thing about iFit? One membership works across all of the different Proform machines – treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and even rowing machines.



All in all, it’s a pretty great deal considering it covers multiple people across multiple machines – and they’re always adding more workouts to the iFit library.

Want to see what kind of workouts you’ll get?

Here’s a short video showing you a few iFit coach workouts:





Bottom Line?

So do Proform treadmills require iFit? As of this writing, NO they do not.


Just to show you how cool iFit is, Proform is currently offering you a 1 year subscription to iFit included on some of their treadmills. You can use the link below to get it included.

I don’t know how long they’re going to continue this promotion. However as of right now, it’s a pretty great deal if you can get it.


Click to Get iFit Included on a Proform Treadmill


iFit Workout


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