Burst Training On Your Treadmill – Video

I came across this great video by Dr. Josh Axe showing you how to burst train on your treadmill.

You may have heard of burst training – it’s similar to the high intensity interval training in that you do short bursts of high intensity exercise – followed by a short recover period. Then you start all over again.

Why would you want to do this? According to experts you can actually burn a lot more fat using your treadmill this way. This video shows you how Dr. Axe does it (I believe he’s doing 10 seconds of high intensity running followed by 10 seconds of rest – then repeat).



Note however that you don’t have to do your high intensity intervals with running. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable running that fast (bad knees, lack of coordination, etc.). No problem.

You can also walk on the highest incline you can get on your treadmill and do your training that way. Or what about walking at a high incline while using 5 pound handweights? As long as you get your heart pumping more than casual or even power walking would do.

Just remember to be safe and listen to your body – don’t overdo it and make sure to talk to your doctor before trying this type of exercise. It’s more important to be safe!

Good luck!