Proform 995 vs Sole F63 Treadmill Comparison


Trying to decide between the Proform 995 treadmill:


proform 995 vs sole f63
Proform Power 995i Treadmill


vs the Sole F63?


proform 995 vs sole f63 treadmill
Sole F63 Treadmill


These are both well-known, under-$1000, starter treadmills that have been around for years (with updates) – which is a testament to both treadmills’ popularity.

They both give you some unique benefits as well, which may leave you wondering “Which is best for me?” Not to worry, this post will help you compare these two treadmill to help you make a more informed decision.



Proform 995 vs Sole F63 – Console


The console is one of the most important comparison points – since it’s what you’ll be staring at throughout your workouts.

You want an attractive console that is easy to read, shows your workout stats and even gives you a few fun things to do.

The Proform 995 Console is a bit simpler in the window area than the Sole F63 as you can see below:


Proform 995 vs Sole F63 treadmill
Proform 995i Treadmill Console



The Sole F63 console shows you a bit more and is better lit – so the F63 has the better console from that standpoint:

proform 995 vs sole f63
Sole F63 Console


You get a workout matrix display as well as one-touch speed and incline buttons as well on the F63 Console.

However on the other hand the Proform 995 does come with a tablet holder that you don’t get with the Sole F63.

You can attach your tablet and connect to iFit – which shows a constant display of your workout stats and the iFit scenery. So this option is obviously the best (if you have a tablet), giving you full color feedback as you run.

Both consoles give you iPod docks with speakers, multi-speed cooling fans and easy-to-reach Stop/Start buttons.




Proform 995 vs Sole F63 Treadmill – Motor, Construction and More


While these aren’t differences, I wanted to mention them because I think most buyers should know just how similar these treadmills are.

They’re both superior to many other models at this price point because of the quality of construction on each one.

They both have super-strong 3.0 HP motors covered by lifetime motor warranties.


proform 995 vs sole f63
Proform 995 Treadmill


They both give you 15%incline (you usually get up to 12% incline on a $1000 treadmill so this is a great find on either treadmill). You also get higher 12 MPH speed limits on both machines – which again is excellent.

They both have solid construction with large 2.5 inch rollers that help to prolong the life of your belt – and ultimately your treadmill. Plus, both treadmills have extra long 60 inch belts to give you more room to stretch out and run.



proform 995 vs sole f63 treadmill
Proform 995 with iFit


Proform 995 vs Sole F63 – Online Tracking


With the current craze for tracking everything we do – from Fitbits to calorie counting apps – treadmill manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and adding tracking capabilities to their treadmills.

But the tracking options are quite a bit different on these two machines.

The Sole F63 does have Bluetooth capability – so you can track your workouts and put them into the Sole fitness app. You can also have the data transferred to other compatible fitness apps (Sole doesn’t mention which apps these are however).



proform 995 vs sole f63
Proform 995 With iFit Coach



While this is a great option, you get far more with the online tracking option on the Proform 995 – it’s called iFit Coach.

iFit Coach is an optional online subscription that connect your treadmill to the Internet. From there you can track your workouts – but you can also do so much more.

You can run new world trails with iFit – from Hawaii to Paris – and watch in your tablet as the scenery passes you by as you run. This adds some very cool virtual reality to your training time.



what is ifit live



iFit also gives you workouts you can watch with trainers all over the world. You can workout in the Swiss Alps or run through the streets of Santorini with your trainer coaching you on. You’ll never run out of things to do with the iFit option.

Plus if you get the Proform 995 through the Manufacturer here you can also get a Free wearable with your iFit subscription ($137 Value).

However it’s fair to note that this is about $12 a month and if you don’t have a tablet you can use, you won’t get the full use out of iFit.




Proform 995 vs Sole F63 – Side Controls


The Sole F63 has incline and speed controls on the side handrails – which you don’t get on the Proform 995 treadmill. Some people like these as they don’t have to reach up to the console to change their speed or incline.

proform 995 vs sole f63
Sole F63 with Side Controls




Proform 995 vs Sole F63 – Workout Programs

The Proform 995 treadmill comes out on top here with a lot more built-in workouts to add challenge to your workout: 30 programs vs 6 on the Sole F63.



proform 995 vs sole f63
Proform 995 With iFit Coach



Bottom Line?

So which one is best for you: the Proform 995 vs Sole F63 treadmill?

Both treadmills are built to be sturdy and stable with a lot of great basics like strong motors, solid decks and extra long belts. They both outshine many other treadmills at this price point – so you can’t really go too far wrong with either one.

The console on the Sole F63 is a bit more advanced and shows you a bit more of your workout stats.

But the Sole F63 doesn’t have the tablet holder above the console that you get with the Proform 995 – which can in fact make workouts a lot more fun when you’re watching your favorite shows or surfing the net as you walk.

And while the Sole F63 does have a simple form of Bluetooth tracking, the Proform 995 has iFit – which opens up a lot more options to you like online workouts, running world trails and more.

So it really depends on what you’re looking for.

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proform 995 vs sole f63
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proform 995 vs sole f63 treadmill
Sole F63 Treadmill




proform 995 vs sole f63 treadmill