Proform Premier 1300 Treadmill Review

Proform Premier 1300 – Right For You?


Please Note: The Premier 1300 treadmill has been discontinued. A similar treadmill is the Proform Pro 5000 – which has been upgraded to a wider belt, higher 15% incline and even 3% decline. Click here for the Proform Pro 5000 Treadmill Review.


Proform Premier 1300 Treadmill Review
Proform 1300 Treadmill

The Proform 1300 treadmill is a step up from the popular Premier 900 treadmill.

It has a longer 60 inch belt – great for runners or taller users.

It also has a larger full-color console making it easier to see your stats and iFit world trails.

You also get a tougher 3.5 HP motor which can withstand longer or more intense workouts and a high 12% incline for extra calorie-burning intervals.

So is the Proform Premier 1300 treadmill a good buy for you?

Here’s a review of what you need to know:


proform premier 1300 treadmill console




Proform 1300 Specs:

Price: $1499 + Free Shipping

Motor: 3.5 HP

Incline: 12%

Belt: 20 x 60″

Speed: 0 – 12 MPH

Folding? Yes

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty, 5-Year Parts Warranty, and 2-Year Labor Warranty.


proform premier 1300 treadmill review


Proform Premier 1300 Treadmill Review – The Pros:


Large Full Color Console

At a full 7 inches across, you can easily see your workout stats with a swipe of your finger.  This also makes the iFit LIVE scenery come alive – you can run all over the world and watch real-life trails through your console screen.


proform 1300 treadmill console





Extra Long Running Belt

The belt is also extra long at a full 60 inches, giving you extra room to stretch out and move. Runners and taller users especially will appreciate the extra space.



proform 1300 treadmill with long belt



Strong 3.5 HP Motor

This is a monster motor. It will hold up easily under light or intense, longer workouts.  There’s also a built-in cooling fan that helps to cool the motor and extend the life of your treadmill.

Plus it’s covered by a lifetime motor warranty for extra protection on your investment.



proform premier 1300 treadmill with ifit live



Reach New Fitness Heights With iFit LIVE

iFit connects your treadmill to the Internet. From there you can download unlimited new workouts from celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels and actually hear her coaching you through the built-in speakers.

You can also easily track your workouts over time to set new goals and reach new heights.



proform 900 treadmill with ifit live



You can also use the Googlemaps feature to plot out and run new trails all over the world. The console screen will then show you the actual landmarks and scenery on the trail you’re running – very virtual reality.

Don’t want to plot out your own trail? There are several world-famous trails already set up from Hawaii to Sydney, Paris and more.




Folding with Shock-Assisted Lift

You can easily fold this treadmill up and out of the way for small workout areas or easy cleaning. There’s a shock-assisted lift mechanism that makes it much easier to fold – and saves the strain on your back.


proform 1300 treadmill folding



Tablet Holder

With the sturdy bracket above the console, you can attach your tablet and watch your favorite Netflix shows or movies as you walk or run. Another small addition that can really make your workouts more enjoyable!



34 Built-In Workouts

Don’t want to use iFit? No problem, there are 30 extra built-in workouts on this treadmill you can use to build some extra challenge into your workout. They were designed by a certified personal trainer and focus on things like time, speed and incline goals.



12% Incline

You can easily built in high calorie-burning intervals into your workout with up to 12% incline. There are quick-change keys on the console so you don’t have to constantly scroll through the incline levels to move around.


proform premier 1300 treadmill with ifit live



Proform Premier 1300 Treadmill Review – The Cons:


iFit LIVE Subscription

While you don’t need iFit to use this treadmill, you will have to get the online subscription if you want all of the benefits of the iFit LIVE service.


ifit live


No Decline

Some Proform treadmills do offer decline as well – which does not come on the Proform 1300 treadmill.




Bottom Line?

The Proform Premier 1300 treadmill is a great mid-range, runner-friendly treadmill complete with a monster motor and extra-long running belt. You also get the largest web-browser console the Proform makes and a tablet holder to add in some fun entertainment to your workouts.

Plus the iFit LIVE can help you set new goals and take your fitness to the next level with tracking features and new workout challenges.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the Proform Premier 1300 treadmill right now direct from the Manufacturer. You can also get Free Shipping to your home which can save you about $150.


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Proform Premier 1300 Treadmill Review
Proform 1300 Treadmill