Proform Treadmill That’s Good For Running

Proform treadmill good for runningLooking for a Proform Treadmill that’s good for running?

You’re not alone. While Proform makes some very affordable starter treadmills – these aren’t usually ideal if you’re a frequent runner.

Runners need a bit more from their treadmill – better cushioning, longer belts, stronger motors and stronger construction (belt thickness, roller size etc.)

So which Proform treadmill is good for running?

Well this post will list 2 treadmills you can check out.

These are both from the “Pro” series which is Proform’s more commercial-grade, runner-friendly treadmill line.

These treadmills are built with stronger construction, tougher motors, longer belts and better cushioning than their starter treadmills. So they’d be ideal if you’re need a strong runners treadmill.


Proform Treadmill Good For Running


Proform treadmill good for running
Proform 9000 Treadmill
#1 Proform Pro 9000

[ Full Review]

This is the premium Pro treadmill with everything you would ever need in a runners treadmill.

For example you get a super-tough 4.25 HP motor that easily powers the extra-long, extra-wide 22 x 60 inch belt (if you have a large belt and not enough motor power you can quickly burn out your motor).

Plus this thing is as solid as a tank with a heavy steel frame and 2.5 inch rollers.

Large belt rollers help to decrease tension, which keeps wear and tear to a minimum. You’ll also notice less noise and better grip when running.

And for entertainment options, you have it all on this treadmill, including the largest, full-color console that Proform makes – a full 10 inches across. This makes it easier to see your workout stats as you run.


Proform treadmill for running
Proform 9000 Console



The console also doubles as a web browser. So you can go online and surf the net as you run. You can watch YouTube videos, catch up on business news or read emails – which can go a long way to helping you enjoy your workouts more.

Another plus that runners will love is the high 15% incline and even 3% decline. So you can build some high calorie burning intensity intervals to your workout.


Proform treadmill good for running



Plus the treadmill comes with iFit LIVE Built-in (you don’t need to buy the extra module). So you can run famous world trails – from Hawaii to Paris – and watch the scenery pass you by in the console window.

With both the tough construction and loads of entertainment options, this really is a runners dream of a treadmill.

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Proform treadmill good for running
Proform 9000 Treadmill




best proform treadmill good for running
Proform Pro 2000
#2 Proform Pro 2000

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This is the most affordable treadmill on this list.

While it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of the Pro 9000, it does give you what you need for a good runners treadmill.

For example you get a strong 3.5 HP motor, extra long 60 inch belt and larger 2.5 Inch rollers in the front.

The Pro 2000 also won a Best Buy award this year from a leading consumer magazine and Runner’s World also likes it saying:



If you’re on a budget, the entry level Pro 2000 delivers more than most similarly priced treadmills. Testers liked how quickly and smoothly it changed speed and incline-getting the machine whirring as fast as 12 mph takes just one finger tap.

While you don’t get the full color console with web browser of the Proform 9000 the console is still backlit and easy to read. Plus it does come iFit LIVE Compatible.

best proform treadmill that's good for running

So if you have a tablet you can connect to iFit and run world trails watching them through the tablet screen.

You also get up to 15% incline and 3% decline to add in some running challenge to your workouts. Overall the Pro 2000 is a great budget-friendly treadmill that would still suit a runner’s workout needs.

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proform treadmill good for running