What Are Proform Smart Treadmills?


proform smart treadmillsWondering about Proform Smart treadmills?

Maybe you’ve seen them advertised and thought “What is a Proform Smart treadmill anyway?

And how is the Smart treadmill different from a regular Proform treadmill?

No worries – it’s actually very simple.

Proform uses the term “Smart Treadmills” (or Smart Elliptical etc.) to refer to any of their equipment that basically has the full-color, HD touch-screen console.


Because with the full-color, console, you can connect directly to iFit Coach from a touch of the button on your console (rather than connecting with your tablet like you have to do on the dual-color consoles).


Proform Smart Treadmill
Proform Smart 9000 Treadmill Console


These are “Smart” treadmills because, with iFit Coach, you can basically track everything from your workouts to daily activity to eating patterns and even sleep patterns.

You can also program in your own personal goal to iFit Coach.

iFit will then keep track of your daily activity for you and then make adjustments in your daily workout to meet your goals. It’s like having a personal trainer working on your goals for you 24-7. It’s actually pretty cool.


iFit Coach Tracking


And of course you can run trails all over the world – from Hawaii to the Swiss Alps – and see it all in your console screen.

Plus the treadmill will actually incline (and decline if it has the capability) to match the terrain. This can give you a more virtual reality training-type experience – hence the “Smart” name.


proform smart treadmill with ifit


The best part?

As of this writing (I’m not sure about the future), you can get a 1-year membership to iFit Coach included with any of the Smart treadmills!

Here’s a video of some of the video workouts you can get with iFit:



As you can see, it’s pretty cool – my favorite are Boston marathon training workouts and the Paris tours. For a quick shortcut you can also see which workouts are the most popular as soon as you log on to iFit (so you don’t have to scroll through all of them yourself).

But not all Proform treadmills are Smart treadmills. Here’s a list of the current Proform Smart Treadmills:


Proform Smart Pro 9000 **(Extra-Large Console)

Proform Smart Pro 5000

Proform Smart Power 1295i


proform Smart treadmill
Proform Smart 9000 with iFit Workouts


Proform will probably have more treadmills like this in the future – but those are the main 3 for now. I hope that helps.

So just remember – Proform Smart treadmills all have the full-color console that connects directly to iFit. This will give you a built-in “Smart” training experience.


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